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Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Opposite of a Block?

The time is drawing near where all my commitments for the year will be done. I have one more novella to write then I can write whatever I want!!

This sounded exciting a few months ago when I could say, "By then I'll know what I want to write."


I'm not blocked. Not exactly. I have too many stories to tell and I can't pick which one. It's like someone asking me to pick my favorite son. I can't. But the results are the same as a block because I can see July is just around the corner and I should be in plot mode and I'm not.

I wish I had a crystal ball that would tell me which story would be more appreciated. Some people will say, "Write the book of my heart." They're ALL the books of my heart. I want to write them ALL.



I have a dark UF that frightens me, I have dragons, I have paranormal murder mysteries, I have geeks...

You think Rafflecopter has an app I can uses to make decisions?

I think this where an agent would come in handy. Someone who understands the business and will say, "Write this."  I even considered picking a name out of a hat. Before someone mentions Angler or Vanguards, they ARE on my roster for this fall. One of them. I'm procrastinating on that decision as well. I'm sure there'll be a whining blog in the fall covering this.

In a few weeks, I'll be forced to buckle down and decide.  *flails*

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Lauren Seiberling said... (seriously, that's the web address), specifically this link:

:) Plug the names in and it will decide the "winner" for you!