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Not His Werewolf Release Day!

Book 2 of Not This Series It's release day! After being disowned and labelled human because she can’t shift, Betty Newman rescu...

Monday, July 31, 2017

Birthday Party Bash

It's that time of the year again, where I give away a ton of books for my birthday!

Contest ends August 7th!


Good Luck Everyone

Monday, July 24, 2017

Not His Werewolf Release Day!

Book 2 of Not This Series

It's release day!

After being disowned and labelled human because she can’t shift, Betty Newman rescues unwanted dogs to fulfill her need for pack. Being rejected by her birth pack was enough pain for a lifetime and she’ll do anything to avoid subjecting herself to their prejudices.

Things change when Ken Birch wakes in her kennel still in wolf form and declares she’s his soul mate. His presence wakes her feral heart and makes her long for a life she can’t have. Old wounds are opened and she refuses to listen to instinct.

But only a shifter can be a soul mate and now her life is in danger by New Port’s pack. Either Betty learns to shift or she dies. Problem is the only one willing to help is Ken, the last person she wants.



Book One,  Not His Dragon is on sale for 99 cents

Eoin Grant hasn’t encountered a female of his race in decades, and this crazy person’s scent declares her unmated. Fate set her in his path, and he won’t let this opportunity slip through his claws. No matter how wary she is of him. After all, how many chances does a dragon have at finding love? But fate can be a crueler mistress than his perfect mate. Of all things, she thinks she’s human.

Business is taking off for Angie Weldon. She put her freakishly sharp nails to good use when she opened her back-scratching spa in downtown New Port. The local shifter community pounced on her skills and she’s knee-deep in shed fur. By the end of the year, if lucky, she could afford to move out of her crappy apartment. 

Dollar signs flash before Angie’s eyes when a dark, brooding stranger books her solid for a week but she notices the possessive fury in his glare. She’s been around enough shifters to know the look, and she won’t go down that road again. Angie is literally swept off her feet by the intense shifter and he wants more from her than she’s willing to give. She figures it’s best to avoid eye contact and back away slowly. Until he changes her life by insisting she’s a dragon.


Monday, July 10, 2017

Beginner's Guide to Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones starts again next week. 

(July 16th, 2017 on HBOfor those wondering.)

I've been a fan since day one. We were in hotel in Florida on vacation. We didn't have HBO at home so hubby and I curled up to watch whatever was on.


Episode One.

Hubby is not a fan of fantasy. He went to change it. I beat him to the remote and threatened bodily harm. At that time, it was so rare for me to find a television show to connect with. This was pre-Netflix addiction. ;)

Here is a Beginner's Guide narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

Here's a trailer for season 7.

Monday, June 19, 2017

13 Reasons Why I Love this Show

It's no secret I love to watch television.

I'm President Pajama Pants of Netflix Nation. Well, not just Netflix. I can't forget Prime or HBO, but you get my point. I watch while I'm cooking, cleaning, doing the flipping laundry, etc. So, I get in my hours and I'm a true binge addict.

I stumbled upon 13 Reasons Why, a Netflix exclusive show, and can't remember exactly what made me click on the show. It probably had to do with Facebook posts, I'm sure. 

Follows teenager Clay Jensen, in his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and crush, Hannah, and her decision to end her life.

I thought, eh, it will be another teen drama thing.


It was so much more.

To begin, I don't read YA or watch YA shows. Just not my thing. But I do have two teens. So, I clicked play.

Here are the 13 reasons why I loved this show. Not in order.
Some small spoilers, no huge reveals.

  1. It's an underdog story. Both main characters are not the popular kids in schools. (The focus of all my books are underdogs.)
  2. The hero, Clay, represents the population of high school boys who don't excel in sports, are academically inclined, and not from incredibly rich family. 
  3. The heroine, Hannah, is not perfect. I don't like perfect characters, because let's face it, no one is. I cared for her more because of her flaws.
  4. The story spanned all social facets of high school from nerds to jocks to outcasts.
  5. Hannah used audio tapes to record her message. Old tech made new.
  6. It taught me that little things hurt.
  7. It opened conversations in our family about the hard things. Those awkward topics like bullying, betrayal, and death.
  8. The director and writer really did a good job at getting an emotional reaction and keeping me on the edge of my seat.
  9. It helped me recall what it was like to be a teen. 
  10. Each episode focused on a certain emotional element instead of bombarding the audience.
  11. Brought forward drug use in conversation with teens.
  12. Date Rape 
  13. and Suicide.

Did you watch it? What did you think?

Monday, June 12, 2017

How to Use Instafreebie to Find Free eBooks

Instafreebie is an ebook service that gives readers the opportunity to try new authors at no risk.

It's a place to make a connection. To explore and discover new stories, series, and worlds.


Authors load their ebooks into the Instafreebie system and are given a link, which they can share with readers. It's often used for review teams, contests, and book giveaways. 

When the reader clicks on the link they are brought to a webpage where they can download the type of ebook file needed for their ereader.

How do you use it?

  1.  Go to the Instafreebie website.  
  2.  Once you find a book you want to try, enter your details to start the claim process. (Name, email address, type of ebook file  you want.)
  3. They will email the ebook to you.
  4. Then you can read it for free on your computer, download it to your ereader, or forward it to your kindle. 

Browse for books by:

On the homepage there is a list of popular downloads and also group giveaways. (This is a bunch of authors doing mass book giveaways! They usually are genre based.)

Visiting their BLOG. They have featured books in the main body of the blog and in the side bar is a list of genres to search.

There is a search feature as well where you can plug in your favorite author's name and see if they have anything available. 

Instafreebie's Facebook in another option to find more books as well as their Twitter page.

Happy book hunting! Think of it as an online library except you don't have to return the books.

Here are few Paranormal Romances available at Instafreebie at time of post.

1. The Boy Who Came Back A Wolf

2Rune Sword

3. Dog Days of Summer

4. Binding Curse

5. Darkness Rising

6. Pride of Africa

Monday, June 5, 2017

Re-Opening of Annie Nicholas' Blog

Hello Beautiful People!

Long time, no see. I haven't used this blog in almost two years. Can you believe that?

There was a time I blogged both here and Paranormal Romantics every week. I fell off the wagon. Not sure when or why, but I'm back.

Is this your first time here?

Welcome. I'm an author. I like to write about things that bite. Vampires, Shifters, Aliens... Also I'm an addict to binge watching TV shows, plotter, and avid reader. You interested in reading something I wrote? I offer a FREE BOOK HERE.

What will this blog be about?

I know what it won't be. An endless list of released books. That's so boring. This will be place a place where we can chat about whatever pops in my head or you can send me suggestions. It will be for readers, aspiring writers, published authors, Netflix enthusiast, Trekkies, Whovians, Muggles, and Dragons.  

See the Contact Me in the side bar? It works like an email. Drop me a line. I love hearing from you.

Annie Nicholas

My grammar and spelling suck ass. I won't be hiring an editor for these blogs so suffer along with me. :)