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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Maybe it's the weather

Maybe it's where I live.

But I've been feeling isolated lately. There's been very little chatter on the net from my usual buddies, Yahoo messenger has been empty, and forums are talking about things I don't care about.

Ever been surrounded by a crowd of people yet feel alone? My family and work fills my day. My friends call and I'm busy all day long with projects but when I sit down to write there's just me. I haven't anyone to discuss this passion with. No one I know in real life actually gets me, just the writers I've met online. Thank goodness for them or I would have gone mad.

I went to RT convention last year and finally had the opportunity to meet writers in person and talk shop. I loved it. This year I'm going to the Liberty States Fiction Writers convention. I'm really looking forward to getting regenerated.

Ever feel like this? What do you do?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Menage a Trois

Though the idea of being part of threesome sounds enticing, in reality I think it's quite an emotional challenge. Keeping a stable relationship between two people is tough enough without insert another personality to the equation. How do you keep feelings from getting hurt and jealousy from blooming?

I’ve never been part of such a relationship, though I’ll admit to the fantasy. Many romance books have started including ménage a trios and my next release has one but I didn’t want to write about it blindly.
Did I go out and have a ménage? LOL. No, my husband is too alpha possessive to believe in sharing and to be honest, so am I. Instead, I gathered my never and asked. It surprised me how open people are about their relationships and I gathered as much info from this treasure trove as I could.
From what I learned, there seems to be two different kinds of ménages. One where there is the central couple who asks a third to join them for sex but with very little emotional attachment. The other is where all three are equally involved, sexually and emotionally.

I decided to give myself a migraine and chose the second option by not only writing a ménage between three lovers, but a deranged love triangle, where the affection is more turbulent than a whirlpool bath. Love triangles can be a mess but if a resolution can be found, it makes life so much sweeter.

What is your opinion in the ménage a trios?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My 2011 List

Time has come and gone once more. I've officially been published for one year and what a year. Two novels and three novellas, can 't beat that.

Really, I can't beat it. LOL Most of those books were written the year before I contracted them or during the time I was waiting for the first one's to come out. So, I don't think I'll be publishing at this pace until I can quit the evil day job.

The things I'd like to get done this year is:
  1. Save some money to take the boys on a real vacation. Not a camping in the backyard kind of deal. The destination is not as important as the time together so I won't worry about it.
  2. Make excercise a priority and try to get in shape enough to jog. *eek* (I've already been working on this goal for three months so I cheated a little.)
  3. Promote my two new novellas releasing in 2011.
  4. Write two novellas and one novel this year.
  5. Find either a new to me publisher or agent.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's All in the Kiss

Welcome to the New Years Eve Blog Hop 2011! If you've fallen off the bus click HERE.

All romances start with one of the simplest, yet the most life changing, meaningful thing that a person can do.


 It means so many things. A mother's light kiss on a sleeping child's head, a press of the lips on a woman's wrist, an eager crush of two mouths, a tender brush on a someone's cheek.  I love to write about 'the kiss'. What other non-lethal action makes a person want to melt to the floor, pine for someone, or ease pain?

Here is my homage. 

The "I want you" kiss

The "Don't Leave Me" or "Don't Forget Me" kiss

The "I think you're sexy" kiss
The "vampire" kiss

The "I  love you so much" kiss

The "spiderman" kiss

picture by Aaron Rohde

The "New Year's Eve" kiss

My most memorable kiss was a simple thing. My DH leaned over and kissed me on the forehead out of the blue on day. I was O-o but then I was awwww. *blush*

Do you have a special kiss?