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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Menage a Trois

Though the idea of being part of threesome sounds enticing, in reality I think it's quite an emotional challenge. Keeping a stable relationship between two people is tough enough without insert another personality to the equation. How do you keep feelings from getting hurt and jealousy from blooming?

I’ve never been part of such a relationship, though I’ll admit to the fantasy. Many romance books have started including ménage a trios and my next release has one but I didn’t want to write about it blindly.
Did I go out and have a ménage? LOL. No, my husband is too alpha possessive to believe in sharing and to be honest, so am I. Instead, I gathered my never and asked. It surprised me how open people are about their relationships and I gathered as much info from this treasure trove as I could.
From what I learned, there seems to be two different kinds of ménages. One where there is the central couple who asks a third to join them for sex but with very little emotional attachment. The other is where all three are equally involved, sexually and emotionally.

I decided to give myself a migraine and chose the second option by not only writing a ménage between three lovers, but a deranged love triangle, where the affection is more turbulent than a whirlpool bath. Love triangles can be a mess but if a resolution can be found, it makes life so much sweeter.

What is your opinion in the ménage a trios?

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J Hali Steele said...

Had to run over and read this because I've done a few menages. However, the one I'm working on now is much tougher because they're shifters and differ in species. I agree, if you can find the resolution--what a great loving and supportive family you could have!