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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Maybe it's the weather

Maybe it's where I live.

But I've been feeling isolated lately. There's been very little chatter on the net from my usual buddies, Yahoo messenger has been empty, and forums are talking about things I don't care about.

Ever been surrounded by a crowd of people yet feel alone? My family and work fills my day. My friends call and I'm busy all day long with projects but when I sit down to write there's just me. I haven't anyone to discuss this passion with. No one I know in real life actually gets me, just the writers I've met online. Thank goodness for them or I would have gone mad.

I went to RT convention last year and finally had the opportunity to meet writers in person and talk shop. I loved it. This year I'm going to the Liberty States Fiction Writers convention. I'm really looking forward to getting regenerated.

Ever feel like this? What do you do?

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Sasha Devlin said...

The isolation is one of the worst part of the writer life. Every now and then I feel myself slide into one of those funks.

I cope by taking a step back from the writing. Sometimes I'll call a friend. Often I will read one of my favorite books (I guess being in someone's world makes mine less lonesome?!) or I'll watch a movie.

I do agree, though. It's much worse in winter.