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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ruts

Sometimes writers get stuck in a rut and don't even know it. Not like writer's block but doing something over and over again, not even noticing.

I reached an all time achievement of having the word 'but' in my manuscript 453 times. On some pages I used it ten times. Kind of made me proud that I could find so many uses for one word. There are times I read my favorite authors and find they have some sentences they use frequently, almost a trade mark.

LKH likes to use, "he leaned toward her face."
Ward likes, "Fuck you very much." and "Shitkickers."
Butcher uses, "Boomstick" and I'm sure there's more but I nothing comes to mind without my pulling all my books down.

I've noticed the phrase, "kissing with an expert's ease," creep into more than of my books.

What are some of the phrases you recall and by who?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Farwell Summer

I'll miss your hot summer nights.

Cooling off in the pool.

Lazy afternoons in the shade.

Steamy days at the beach.

Farwell Summer. Until next year.

Now, I need to find my rain gear.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I Have a New Pretty to Share

Caught between two vampires, Connie is torn between Rurik, the one she loves and Tane, the one she’d to love stake.

Hunger burns in Connie Bences’ soul, she craves the blood of her vampire lover, Rurik, but it’s not satisfying her needs anymore. It’s driving her insane. Desperate to find help, Rurik brings her to Rio Des Janeiro where Tane rules the vampire nation.

The back stabbing vampire had almost killed her and Rurik when they’d first met, then used them to obtain his crown. She would rather kill him but the small drop of Nosferatu blood he’d forced her to drink in Budapest is blooming into a bond, one which ties her life to his. One he won’t hesitate to manipulate.

He admits to binding her so Rurik would have to remain at his side but their timing couldn’t be any worse. The betrayer finds himself betrayed. Tane’s rule is in upheaval and he’s forced to place his trust in two people who owe him no allegiance—her and Rurik. In the middle of a power struggle, Connie fights to keep her lover but didn’t plan on Tane slipping into her heart.