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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ruts

Sometimes writers get stuck in a rut and don't even know it. Not like writer's block but doing something over and over again, not even noticing.

I reached an all time achievement of having the word 'but' in my manuscript 453 times. On some pages I used it ten times. Kind of made me proud that I could find so many uses for one word. There are times I read my favorite authors and find they have some sentences they use frequently, almost a trade mark.

LKH likes to use, "he leaned toward her face."
Ward likes, "Fuck you very much." and "Shitkickers."
Butcher uses, "Boomstick" and I'm sure there's more but I nothing comes to mind without my pulling all my books down.

I've noticed the phrase, "kissing with an expert's ease," creep into more than of my books.

What are some of the phrases you recall and by who?


Hailey Edwards said...

Butcher also uses a mind-boggling array of variations on "chitin" in the Codex.

You're right, though, sometimes it is almost a trademark. With Ward especially, there are some things I expect to hear every time. Without it, the series wouldn't be the same.

HollyAdair said...

Maya Banks uses 'kick your ass' a lot, and a few other phrases that caught my attention when I first read them. Unfortunately I can't check because all my books are packed away :(
Holly Adair

Unknown said...

I laughed when I read 'Fuck you very much.' That's great.
Me, I use the word 'that' waaaaay too much. I also like words that end in -ly. I also use 'lickable abs' alot just because I like it!