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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hero's Journey

I've been very scattered this summer. I usually follow my writing schedule like it was written by God. I'm good at setting attainable goals and finishing them in time. In the last few weeks, I'm all over the place. I make goals then change them before I can finish them.

Originally I wanted to finish the Pia series before the end of summer (I did write 1/4 of the book) but opportunity knocked on my door. There's been some interest in Not his Dragon since I posted the blurb. It only makes sense to finish that project.

So I'm back on track again. I hope. I've spent the last two weeks plotting the book. Yes! Two weeks. When I first came up with the idea, I was thinking to write a novella but now I'm expanding to a full novel.

To help me through my plot issues, I turn to writing guru Michael Hauge. For those writers who have not heard of him or read/listened to his theories on character/plot, you must.

I listen to this audio book frequently. It's my go-to when I get stuck.

Goal for this week: Plot the damn book.

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