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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Graduation Week

My oldest son graduates from middle school this week.

I feel old. LOL

I'm very proud of him. He's graduating with honors and has won two awards--Literary Arts and Citizenship.

We purchased his first grown-up suit. *sniff*

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff.

I am stalled with Not his Dragon. I've met the hero/heroine finally and they're fun together. I need conflict for their story and I'm fizzling. So presently its simmering inside my head until I can see the goal to this book. What do I want from it? What's their journey?

Scent of Valor edits are going well if slowly. I'm focusing a lot of my energy on this.

Waiting on Ravenous edits.

Sinful Cravings ARCs are off to reviewers. It will be on Netgalley in July for those who haven't received a copy yet and want one.

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Jamie Lake said...

It seems like you have a lot going on, Annie! As an author, I can relate to your troubles with Not his Dragon. Have you used an outline before?