Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Convention Time!!

Is next week! And I'm going.

So excited.

So, so, excited.

I get to talk shop. Hang out with buds. Talk more shop. Party a bit.

And where are my geekie werewolves based (The Vanguards) got it Chicago. I might sight see some of the places I've mentioned in the series because I am geekie enough to do it.

I'll be signing at the Book Expo on Thursday but I am not signing at the Saturday event because I'm selfish and want to attend it as a reader. LOL  I plan to get my fangirl on and stalk Anne McCaffery and Nalini Singh with a few other writer friends.

If you're in the Chicago area you should give the convention a try! If you can't do the whole thing they have a Saturday special. Maybe I'll be standing next to you in line?

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Savannah Chase said...

You will have a blast...I went in 08 and loved it..Wish I was able to go this year..Maybe next year...