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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Writer’s Olympics

The finish line is in my sights. I’m in the stretch, only one more conflict to write then the HEA! Nothing feels better than finishing a book. I have this week off and plan on writing every single day until it’s done.

A fresh spanking new first draft, I can’t wait to start edits.

I wish I could knock out a novel every three months but unlike the best sellers I have a day job. LOL My mantra for this year is quality vs quantity. I’m really proud of this MS. It’s the second book in the Angler series and Connie is swept once more into vampire politics, scheming, and action.

How have you been?


Jennifer Mathis said...

I've been good. I guess since your finishing book two I should make with the reading of book one huh lol. My kids have been crazy from being shut-in all winter so haven't got much reading done but i guess this is a good excuse to get back at it huh take care and get that writing finished

Annie Nicholas said...

I've been a busy busy bee! My kids are going nuts. There's not enough snow on the ground to play in but it's too cold to do other stuff. *sigh*

Jennifer Mathis said...

Oh I know ain't the sludge terrible. but we are finally looking at a warm up so they say, and I can't take it anymore. My motto If it ain't cold enough to make your fingers fall off your going outside. I mean my parents did it on their up hill walk both ways to school and they made it alright right? lol