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Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Line Sneak Peaks

Really, I have been busy writting. You can't tell from my releases to come calendar but it won't remain empty for long. I hope.  :p

"Today seemed like a good day to burn some bridges."
                                      From Scent of a Human (completed work and shopping it)
                                      Book One Eorthe Chronicles

"Sex and love should come in the same package but a succubus didn’t have those options."
                        From untitled work
                            Book One Pia Confessions

"Sex got better with time, and being with Katrina these past two years had proved it. "
                        From Omegas in Love Vanguards Book 4

"Love sucked."
              Form The Sigma (work in progress)
              Vanguards Book 5

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