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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Inez Kelley Kicking Ass

Dr. Bastian Talbot and self-proclaimed sex goddess Charlie Pierce heat up the air waves with their flirty banter as radio hosts Dr. Hot and the Honeypot. Off the air, they're best friends...but Bastian wants to be so much more. He wants Charlie—in bed, and forever.

Problem is, Charlie doesn't do commitment. Sure, she's had X-rated fantasies of Bastian, but he was always just a friend—until he impulsively proposes and unleashes the lust they've been denying for years. Charlie's willing to explore where their wild chemistry leads, but she won't marry him. And he won't have sex with her until she accepts his proposal, despite her seductive schemes.

What are Dr. Hot and the Honeypot to do? Ask their listeners for advice on how to tame a sex kitten and turn a perfect gentleman into a shameless lover. The Race to Wed or Bed is on...who will turn up on top?

85,000 words

Question... what cartoon Icon does Bastian think Charlie resembles?
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elaing8 said...

I have this one.Looking forward to reading it.

bn100 said...

The book sounds interesting.


*yadkny* said...

I definitely like the sound of where this story is going:) Thanks for the giveaway!