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Friday, October 28, 2011


Paranormal Romantics annual Blog-a-Thon starts tomorrow at 9AM until Sunday at midnight!

Lot of prizes!

Come join the fun.

Every hour a new blog post goes up.

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Winners announce Halloween afternoon.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Line Sneak Peaks

Really, I have been busy writting. You can't tell from my releases to come calendar but it won't remain empty for long. I hope.  :p

"Today seemed like a good day to burn some bridges."
                                      From Scent of a Human (completed work and shopping it)
                                      Book One Eorthe Chronicles

"Sex and love should come in the same package but a succubus didn’t have those options."
                        From untitled work
                            Book One Pia Confessions

"Sex got better with time, and being with Katrina these past two years had proved it. "
                        From Omegas in Love Vanguards Book 4

"Love sucked."
              Form The Sigma (work in progress)
              Vanguards Book 5

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Need a Vampire...


I've picked up some new to me series in September and inhaled them. I got into Nalini Singh's Hunter series and Jill Myles' Succubus Diaries. Both contained vampires but as secondary character.

*la sigh*

It made me realize I haven't read a good old fashion vampire book in a long while. Something in the nature of Anita Blake or Black Dagger Botherhood.

I browsed through Amazon last night and my head is still spinning. So much to chose from but what's garbage and what's good?

Recommend something to me. Pleeeeease. 

No Christine Feehan.

Didn't someone mention a vampire named Bones during my birthday bash this summer???

I'm all ears and opened pocket book people.

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