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Monday, July 18, 2011

Release Day of the Birthday Bash

It's release day for...


and I'm giving away a copy.


Werewolves believe in soul mates. Sirens eat theirs.

Sirens, a mutation of mermaids, need sexual energy to survive. Marie Laframboise lost her only food source when her strip club burned down. Not wanting to kill any of her victims, she’d learned to glean the lust off her clients, and now she is starving. She can’t resist the temptation to invite herself to the singles shifter party held by local werewolf stud, Maxwell Cox, and feed.

Max doesn’t want a soul mate, but to his dismay, she shows up at his party. Just as Marie can’t resist the temptation to feed, Max can’t resist the instinctual urge to claim her. Marie has never wanted a relationship, but she can’t shake off Max’s pursuit. He offers her things she has only dreamed of, but she fears the hunger will turn those dreams into nightmares.

Her appetite is not one to mess with. Max thinks he’s found the perfect mate, but Marie may have found the perfect prey.

Graphic sexual content, hot shifters, and one scary-ass siren.

Sharing my release day is Diane Escalera with Dangerous Desire and she's giving away a copy as well!


Sometimes you have to lose one thing to find another.
Sienna Diaz is desperate to find her missing beagle, no matter what it costs. She hires Cruz Santino, the best—and hottest—in the business. He’s an ex cop, dangerous on many levels, which comes in handy when all evidence indicates her beloved pet was snatched to use in a dogfighting ring.

Cruz will do whatever it takes to find Sienna’s lost pet, but he also wants results from the smokin’ hot attraction between them—and he isn’t above breaking his own hands-off-clients rule to get there. However, until he brings her beloved beagle home safely, he won’t have Sienna's undivided attention...and affection.

Strong language, caliente sex, violence, and a dangerously hot rescue.

Today, to win, you have to guess which day this week is my actual birthday.
           (choices: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
A winner will be drawn from those who chose the right day!


*yadkny* said...


Are both of those covers HOT or what!?! They would make great posters for my walls;) Besides the naked male torso goodness going on... I really like the colors in the backgrounds. Annie's cover tagline is the best! I mentioned it to a couple of friends and without even having seen the cover they were immediately interested to know more - just from that alone:) Anyways CONGRATS to you both!

ANSWER: Tuesday?

June M. said...

Happy relese day to both of you! Both of the books sound really good. And the covers are just YUMMY! Thank you both for the giveway.

Just to guess as to which day is your actual birthday, I will go with Wednesday, just because my birthday is the 20th (not of July).

Have a great release day!

Jennifer Mathis said...

congrats on the release ,Wishing you many sells
thursday is my guess

Cathy M said...

Well you are in for a fabulous week, Annie. Congratulions and happy birthday! I am guessing that Tuesday is your big day.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Cathy M said...
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Brannan Black said...

Happy Birthday! A new release is a great way to celebrate. I've been looking forward to this release. Can't wait to read it.

elaing8 said...

Congrats on the new release.And Happy Birthday

My guess is Wednesday

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

I am also going to go with Wednesday! Just cuz I have a feeling.... Here is to hoping and wishing I am right!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!! And Congrats on the Release!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*****Happy Dance for you*****


annalisa said...

Happy Release Day! I also hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My guess is your birthday is on Friday. :)