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Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm Blogged Out!

So sorry. This place seems to be the last place I blog. With Christmas coming, there are so many blog promos to full fill. By the time those are written my mind is empty when I come home. (Here)

I signed the contract for the third installment for The Vanguards series: The Beta. No release date yet. I am talking about Wordle again over at Paranormal Romantics this week and I've place the picture of this MS up.

It's Thanks Giving week and all my Canadian relatives are invading. At least ten people will be staying for a few days. I'm pulling out the bedding and checking the air mattresses. My husband, who is an only child, is planning his escape routes. We all go out on Black Friday to shop until we drop then have lunch with cocktails and cocktails. I have nothing huge on my list of things I'd like to pick up this year. I just like the hustle and bustle. (I know, it's so odd. I ususally hate shopping.) Mind you, I'm in Vermont, the most easy going, polite state in North America. No stampedes here. Everyone is excuse me while they trample over your feet. LOL

Hope you have a fun and peaceful week.

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