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Friday, June 27, 2014

Black Sheep Clan

Back from school trip to Washington.

It was...a bonding experience.

Our bus broke down repeatedly between Vermont and NJ. (about 11 times) We lost AC and the DVD player. At one point, we broke down in the middle of the NJ turnpike. Our poor bus driver had to run out in traffic to hit a kill switch while trucks swerved around us horns blaring. I thought for sure we'd all die. We were then abandoned at a rest stop for three hours while a bus from Baltimore came to our rescue.

It's in such trying times that bonds for life are formed. Parents and kids joined together doing our best to remain positive. As the following days followed we learned that we were all terrible at following simple instructions like following the group schedule, we could unload and load the bus faster than anyone else, and even though we didn't have to we still stuck together outside the bus confines.

This was the birth of the Black Sheep Clan. Shouts of "Bus Three forever," could be heard where ever we gathered, annoying the crap out of the other more 'functional' buses.

After spending a short trip with these people I have a better understanding how quickly pack and tribe bonds can be formed. I'm sure this will one day be used in future books.

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