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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Angler Pampering the Birthday Girl

If you haven't read my novel Bait from The Angler series, guess what, it's free! LOL You can download it at all venues like Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or from my website

Vampires, exotic locations, action, action, action. That's how this series rolls. Bait was the very first book I ever completed but the second book I sold.  It will now be releasing in Audio book form Aug 20th. Here's a sneak peek

Catch is the 2nd book in this series and continues Connie Bence's adventures.

Rurik sent me a lovely flower arrangement.

How did he know calla lillies were my favorite?

Connie, the sweet heart, added my favorite snacks to the delivery.

And Tane,

well... he said he'd bring his by later tonight.

Question: What language does Rurik speak to Connie besides English?


Send answer to annienicholas at ymail dot com

Prize: Big Surprise Bag of Heavy Stuff


elaing8 said...

I haven't read this series yet.But it does sound great.

bn100 said...

Sounds like a good series.


*yadkny* said...

I think Tane has something deliciously wicked planned for you Annie:) Thanks for the heads up on the freebie!

Beef Recipes said...

Hi greaat reading your blog