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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have finished the first draft of Catch Book Two of The Angler series and hope to have it submitted by April 1st. While I edit this manuscript my thoughts are already turning to my next project. I've been wanting to write this story since last June and am anxious to get started.

I'm not going to give out any details about the story but I am searching for a hero. He's shy and won't tell me much about himself. What I've gleened so far is that he's a good man. My characters tend to develope as I write them but I usually have more than that to work with. LOL

His sense of humor, what little that he has, will be dry. I think I want to make him not very likable at first. Serious, withdrawn, and focused he'll lack charm and personablity.

Here's the problem, I can't picture what he'll look like. I've been searching the net for a picture of him to work with but can't decide. Here are my choices. Which one do you like?



Before you vote remember that they are not playing the characters they portrayed in movies. My hero will not be James Bond or Wolverine. So, who would you pick?


Jennifer Mathis said...

oh I say hugh cause Damn he's hot

Romy Sommer said...

Serious. Withdrawn. Focussed. Then for me it's got to be the image of Daniel Craig. I can see this man being very difficult to know, and I imagine he has many layers. The heroine will have her work cut out for her getting to know the real man!

On a completely different note, I met Daniel Craig years ago, before he became famous as Bond, when we worked together on a movie in South Africa. No idea what he's like now, but then he was friendly and warm, very down to earth and likeable.

Liza said...

#4--he will inspire you to greatness, :)

Annie Nicholas said...

Romy you met Craig!!!