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Monday, January 4, 2010

My First Release

It's here!  My first release date. BAIT will be available at Liquid Silver Books starting at 7PM tonight. To celebrate this event I am going to be running a few contests.

Here, I will be offering Lake Champlain chocolates from my home state of Vermont. Decadent, dark, and sinful just like my hero Rurik. All you have to do is leave me a comment. I will run this contest all week and announce the winner next Monday. Don't forget to leave an e-mail address.

Author Island is starting a one month contest tomorrow. For details click link.

Then on Jan. 30 I will be chatting all day long with fellow Paranormal Romantics at Talking Two Lips Review. I will be running two contests during chat. The prizes will be...well come and see what I have in store for that day. *insert evil laugh*

Sent on a mission to lure Budapest’s vampire Overlord into a trap, Connie Bence is instead caught red-handed by the dark Casanova. Her employer has concrete proof of the dubious leader’s misdeeds but she is surprised when this ruthless killer, Rurik, offers her protection and rescues her from his own kind. It plants seeds of doubt in her mind and she begins to question his guilt. Now she is thrown into his world where blackmail determines her every move and where she must betray those she cares about or let them die. The stakes are high. She either puts her trust in Rurik or leads him to his execution.
Love or life.

Excerpt One

Excerpt Two

Happy New Years Everyone!


Jennifer Mathis said...

Bait looks great. Best of luck with your new release:)

Annie Nicholas said...

Thanks Jen

Unknown said...

Bait sounds great! Congrats on the release!

Unknown said...

Forgot my email. It's amysmith98 @

Judy said...

Great looking book!! Enjoyed the blurb and excerpts. And what a great Cover!!!!!

Congrats and good luck!!

Judy (

Jennifer Mathis said...

I forgot my e-mail 2 meandi09@yahoo

Annie Nicholas said...

I was wondering how to contact you LOL

Jennifer Mathis said...

oh I'm not hard to find I think we are on a few yahoo groups together so just hollar loud and I'll hear you lol

robynl said...

oh I like decadent, dark and sinful; in chocolates that is but haven't try those qualities in a man, lol. Sounds good.


Lady_Graeye said...

I love the excerpts. Bait looks fantastic!


Patricia K said...

The cover is so hot. You would start the book and never put it down

Annie Nicholas said...


Anonymous said...


I'm a proud owner of the e-book BAIT.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the comments. The book sonds so good that I have added it to my TBR list.

Linda Henderson said...

Your book does sound great. Congratulations on the release.

seriousreader at live dot com

Shawna Thomas said...

That cover model worked as bait for me. ; ) Your books sounds great! Good luck!