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Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Every Husband Should Learn

The wife says: You want

The wife means: You want

The wife says: We need

The wife means: I want

The wife says: It's your decision

The wife means: The correct decision should be obvious

The wife says: Do what you want

The wife means: You'll pay for this later

The wife says: We need to talk

The wife means: I need to complain

The wife says: Sure... go ahead

The wife means: I don't want you to

The wife says: I'n not upset

The wife means: Of course I'm upset you moron

The wife says: You're ... so manly

The wife means: You need a shave and sweat a lot

The wife says: Be romantic, turn out the lights

The wife means: I have flabby thighs.

The wife says: This kitchen is so inconvenient

The wife means: I want a new house.

The wife says: I want new curtains.

The wife means: Also carpeting, furniture, and wallpaper!

The wife says: I need wedding shoes.

The wife means: The other forty pairs are the wrong shade of white.

The wife says: Hang the picture there

The wife means: No, I mean hang it there!

The wife says: I heard a noise

The wife means: I noticed you were almost asleep.

The wife says: Do you love me?

The wife means: I'm going to ask for something expensive.

The wife says: How much do you love me?

The wife means: I did something today you're not going to like.

The wife says: I'll be ready in a minute.

The wife means: Kick off your shoes and take an hour nap.

The wife says: Am I fat?

The wife means: Tell me I'm beautiful.

The wife says: You have to learn to communicate.

The wife means: Just agree with me.

The wife says: Are you listening to me?

The wife means: [Too late, your doomed.]

The wife says: Yes

The wife means: No

The wife says: No

The wife means: No

The wife says: Maybe

The wife means: No

The wife says: I'm sorry

The wife means: You'll be sorry

The wife says: Do you like this recipe?

The wife means: You better get used to it

The wife says: All we're going to buy is a soap dish

The wife means: I'm coming back with enough to fill this place.

The wife says: Was that the baby?

The wife means: Get out of bed and walk him

The wife says: I'm not yelling!

The wife means: Yes I am! I think this is important!

In answer to the question "What's wrong?"

The wife says: The same old thing.

The wife means: Nothing.

The wife says: Nothing.

The wife means: Everything.

The wife says: Nothing, really.

The wife means: It's just that you're an idiot.

The wife says: I don't want to talk about it.

The wife means: I'm still building up steam.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm Blogged Out!

So sorry. This place seems to be the last place I blog. With Christmas coming, there are so many blog promos to full fill. By the time those are written my mind is empty when I come home. (Here)

I signed the contract for the third installment for The Vanguards series: The Beta. No release date yet. I am talking about Wordle again over at Paranormal Romantics this week and I've place the picture of this MS up.

It's Thanks Giving week and all my Canadian relatives are invading. At least ten people will be staying for a few days. I'm pulling out the bedding and checking the air mattresses. My husband, who is an only child, is planning his escape routes. We all go out on Black Friday to shop until we drop then have lunch with cocktails and cocktails. I have nothing huge on my list of things I'd like to pick up this year. I just like the hustle and bustle. (I know, it's so odd. I ususally hate shopping.) Mind you, I'm in Vermont, the most easy going, polite state in North America. No stampedes here. Everyone is excuse me while they trample over your feet. LOL

Hope you have a fun and peaceful week.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II

Yep, your reading it right, a video game.

I  love Star Wars and have passed this on to my boys. They both have dreams of being Jedis and would be first in line to get a  light saber if they were ever invented.

This weekend we rented The Force Unleashed to see if we liked it before purchasing it. Well, it we completed it 48 hours. Yep, I'm a great mom. LOL We played it Friday night and all day Saturday. It was like watching a movie so we couldn't put it down until we found out if he found the girl.

Don't worry, I'm not posting any spoilers.  The game is short so satisfying for kids and yes, violent in that Star Wars manner so no blood at least. It helps that the angst filled warrior in this game was a hottie. ;)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I first heard about Nanowirmo about nine years ago. I hung out at a forum dedicated to CJ Cherryh's works. If I remember correctly it was named Shejidan. Most of the members were gearing up for Nov. 1 and they introduced me to the idea of writing a bad novel.

What a concept. I'd always wanted to write a book but never tried because I thought it would be terrible. The first and hardest thing each writer has to accomplish is to finish a manuscript. Doesn't matter how poor the writing or plot. Once the skeleton of the story is completed the writer can always work on it to flesh it out.

That year I made an attempt at my first 50k. I never reached my goal but I did get to 35k, more words than I'd ever written before. That story still lies somewhere on my bookshell. (I still write on paper. LOL) It won't ever get finished but the idea that I'm allowed to write badly was my first step to getting published.

I wonder how many other writers started with such simple inspirations. What got you started?