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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Progress Report

After weeks of editing and trips, I must gather my thoughts.

Scent of Valor second round edits are done and off. I expect line edits to follow soon.

Ravenous has been edited and formatted. It is available on Netgalley and tour has been booked.

Bookmarker artist will begin on July 1st.

Sinful Cravings is all done and tour booked. Not on Netgalley yet.

Okay, so where does that leave me. I get to write new words. While on trip to Washington, I plotted Succulent Delights. Lake City Stories book 3. I will work on this book next. I wanted to write Not his Dragon first but the hero is not developed enough for me to even plot the book so I have to let him stew in my brain until Succulent is done.

Goal for next week:

  • upload Ravenous to booksites
  • write 10k on Succulent
  • do two beta reads

Friday, June 27, 2014

Black Sheep Clan

Back from school trip to Washington.

It was...a bonding experience.

Our bus broke down repeatedly between Vermont and NJ. (about 11 times) We lost AC and the DVD player. At one point, we broke down in the middle of the NJ turnpike. Our poor bus driver had to run out in traffic to hit a kill switch while trucks swerved around us horns blaring. I thought for sure we'd all die. We were then abandoned at a rest stop for three hours while a bus from Baltimore came to our rescue.

It's in such trying times that bonds for life are formed. Parents and kids joined together doing our best to remain positive. As the following days followed we learned that we were all terrible at following simple instructions like following the group schedule, we could unload and load the bus faster than anyone else, and even though we didn't have to we still stuck together outside the bus confines.

This was the birth of the Black Sheep Clan. Shouts of "Bus Three forever," could be heard where ever we gathered, annoying the crap out of the other more 'functional' buses.

After spending a short trip with these people I have a better understanding how quickly pack and tribe bonds can be formed. I'm sure this will one day be used in future books.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Graduation Week

My oldest son graduates from middle school this week.

I feel old. LOL

I'm very proud of him. He's graduating with honors and has won two awards--Literary Arts and Citizenship.

We purchased his first grown-up suit. *sniff*

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff.

I am stalled with Not his Dragon. I've met the hero/heroine finally and they're fun together. I need conflict for their story and I'm fizzling. So presently its simmering inside my head until I can see the goal to this book. What do I want from it? What's their journey?

Scent of Valor edits are going well if slowly. I'm focusing a lot of my energy on this.

Waiting on Ravenous edits.

Sinful Cravings ARCs are off to reviewers. It will be on Netgalley in July for those who haven't received a copy yet and want one.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th

I just need to recap the event for this week so I know what I've done and what I need to do.

First off, I hired my first assistant. I can't express the amount of weight that has lifted off my shoulders. I'm super excited to be working with her.

First round edits of Ravenous done and returned to editor.

Second round of edits for Scent of Valor peeked at, corrected all the major surface stuff, and re-read the first chapter. I want to do another full read next week.

Trying to find a designer for bookmarks since I suck as designing my own. LOL Oh the hours it took me to finally realize this. I really just need to stick to writing. My GIMP program now squeals in fear whenever I click it.

Trying to book the rest of the year's blog tours. I fell behind on this. (see note on assistant need.) So I'm scrambling to find space.

I'm running two contests. The one below for Starved for Love and a special one for Annie's Angels.

Okay, I see a problem with this list. I wrote NO new words this week. This is why I need to recap my weeks.

Today's goal is to make the words happen, even if I have to burn the midnight oil. I'd love to get the first three chapter of Not a Dragon finished.

Off to write!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Want to a Win a Book?

I'm featured on Win a Book Wednesday at Here be Magic. I'm giving away a copy of Starved for Love. HERE

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Not a Dragon

Not a Dragon is the book I'm working of for Fated Desire's Paranormal by Mistake line. It will the first book in a new series that will be novella length.

Here's a peek at the working blurb so far:

Leaving her small town roots behind, Angie Weldon moves to the big city to open Scratch Your Itch, a professional back-scratching salon. The Chicago shifter community jumps on her skills, and she’s knee deep in shed fur. Business is taking off, and she can finally afford to send her folks extra money, when a stranger storms in and books her solid for a week. Dollar signs are flashing before her eyes, until she notices the possessive fury in his glare. She’d been around enough shifters to know the look but she only dates her own kind. Humans.

Eoin Grant spots her on the street and is entranced. He hasn’t encountered a female of his race in decades, and her scent declares her unmated. Fate set her in his path, and he won’t let the opportunity slip through his claws. How many chances does a dragon get at finding true love? Determined to win this beautiful female, he performs the eons old courting customs.

Flabbergasted, Angie is literally swept off her feet by the intense shifter. She can’t make heads or tails of what he’s trying to do, but if he wants to win her heart—he needs a refresher course in Dating Humans 101. It’s obvious he has issues. She figures it’s for the best to avoid eye contact and back away slowly. Until he blows her mind and insists she’s a dragon.




Sunday, June 8, 2014

Goals for this Week 6/8

The edits just keep rolling in! I guess that's what happens when you turn in a bunch of stuff at the same time. Lesson learned.

My work list:

  • Round two edits for Scent of Valor
  • Round one edits for Ravenous
  • Format Sinful Cravings and send to reviewers. (If you are a reviewer, let me know if you want a copy.)
  • Finish bookmarkers
  • Start writing Not a Dragon

My schedule for this week:

  • Sunday- finish up edits on Ravenous
  • Monday- work on Scent edits
  • Tuesday- work on Scent edits
  • Wednesday- format Sinful and send to reviewers. Maybe work on bookmarks.
  • Thursday- write Not a Dragon
  • Friday- write Not a Dragon
  • Saturday- sleep

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Took a few days off to catch up on housework and  play with my graphics program.

And this happened. LOL

The box set should be for sale in a few days.
I also worked on some bookmarks but they're not finished yet. I'll post those when they're done.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another Reveal

Sinful Cravings is book 2 of my Lake City Stories and is the book after Starved for Love. Pia is my favorite character to write. She pours out so easily. It's like I start her book and two weeks later I wake up and it's finished. All novels should be this easy. LOL
This one is releasing in August 2014. I don't have a date yet because I'm scattered that way.

Pia Blyton, a succubus, isn’t ready for an official engagement since her skillset consists of setting kitchens on fire, singing at vampire hellholes, and most embarrassingly, she recently passed out in bed while feeding Valerio Hunan, the most eligible incubus in Lake City. Yet somehow he turns a blind eye to all her faults and still wants to set his marriage tattoos on her wrists.

The compulsion to have sex forces their people to have unconventional relationships. Every three days, she has to orgasm creating energy to survive. She can’t even live off bad sex. Unlike her, Val can’t feed off just anyone. He consumes the energy only a succubus creates and his hunger isn’t on a clock. Most incubi feed legally by luring multiple succubi into marriage with money and power. Val had caught Pia by the heart strings. Sneaky bastard. 

When his food supply suddenly stops, he’s faced with starvation. Despite Pia’s adoration, she’s not an all you can eat buffet. He would suck her dry of all her life force within days. In order to save her, Val forces her to leave. With nowhere to go, Pia ends up at the last place she wants to be—her parent’s home, with nothing but her pink suitcase and a list of all her failures.
Pia needs to pull on her big girl panties and figure out why Val’s energy supplies have stopped arriving before he kills some unsuspecting succubus. But the demon inside Val is closer to the surface than either of them realize. When Pia leaves, the only thing on its mind is tracking her down and dragging her back into its bed where she belongs...even if it kills her.